Most runners, are not the best at taking the recovery we need and slowing down. Yea, we’re talking to you! We like to move and we like to go after the next big goal. So, it often feels counter-intuitive to just sit and rest. But, recovery is vital if we want to actually make it to that next level. Whether you’re nursing an injury, or you just want to give your body a little rest, we’ve got you covered on our top picks for recovery gear for runners. 


Take a look:

Acupressure Mat: We know it doesn’t sound like it’d be enjoyable, but laying on hundreds of tiny plastic spikes actually does your body good! Acupressure mats help to stimulate pressure points near the body’s energy lines, or Meridians, to allow energy, to flow freely. Just try one out and you’ll not only feel the physical, but mental effects of slowing down and laying on an acupressure mat. 


Yoga Mat: Regardless of which type of mat you get, there’s amazing benefits to stretching. If you pair your stretching as part of a yoga class, there’s even more to gain. But, even if you just keep one handy so that you can stretch on any floor surface, you’ll see the benefit! 


Chirp Wheel: Take the concept of foam rolling to the next level with the Chirp Wheels. Rolling on the Chirp Wheel before and after your run can loosen up the tension around your spine and help reduce back pain. 


Heating Pad: Heat can be a great way to warm up cold tendons and joints, as well as inelastic muscles. You can also use heat (and cold) to treat muscle injuries. Bonus – if you suffer from cold feet at bedtime, a heating pad can be your best friend for this too! 


Foot Massager: After a nice, good run, your feet will thank you with a little extra love. A simple session in a foot massager can make a huge difference! 


We’re curious… What products make your top five list for self-care and recovery for running? Share with us!