RTCL Ambassador: Mr. Bill

What’s your running “story?”

When I was 19, I would try to play pick up games with my friends & five minutes in, I was wheezing due to my asthma. I was telling a farmer friend who ran and he said I should try running. I told him I hated running – I’m slow & can’t go far. He said, do you like breathing?!~ I said shut up! So I ran a lap around my HS track & felt like I was going to give birth to a lung! He told me to keep working at it & sure enough pretty soon I was running two, three, four miles a day and could now play with my friends without wheezing or getting tired. And for the past 40+ years the quality of my life has been exponentially better!!!


What is, at this time in your life, the main reason you run? (Weight loss, Strength, Mental Health, Fun, Competition, Challenge, etc.)

I run for physical & mental health, competition, & it gives me energy for the rest of the day!


How has running changed your life? How have you grown? 

Running each morning after my time with the Lord gives me time to burn off energy, pray & rev me up for all that comes my way!


What is/are your biggest running-related accomplishment(s)?

I’ve run two half marathons: 1:39 & 1:37! Both were while I was in my 40s, five years apart, and am pleased with my time for both. Also, I ran six sub 40, 10ks in a row – the fastest was 39:18. For a non-athletic farm boy, it was exciting to do well at something!


What is your best advice to new runners?

Be consistent, take your days off to keep from injuries & pray before you run.


What is your best advice to advanced runners? 

Encourage the new peeps, they need your encouragement!


What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started running?

How to take care of my body better as I improve.


What do you do outside of running to stay healthy or active?

Disc golf, Spikeball, basketball, volleyball…basically anything fun. I’ve been a youth pastor now for 37 years so my students help keep me young – both physically & mentally!


What goal(s) are you working toward in the coming year?

Turned 60 this year & my goal is to place first in my age in every race I run!


Connect with Mr. Bill even more: 

I’m “mrbill6761” on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter & TikTok.