How has running changed your life? How have you grown? 

Mental health, physical health

 What is/are your biggest running-related accomplishment(s)?

I don’t have just one. 12 marathons in 6 yrs from non runners and being overweight plus an ultra marathon . Also 368 days running every single day streak even through close family bereavement. Also completed the London marathon in 2021 when injured with calf muscle tear and at mile 12 being told to stop  by medics , I was determined to walk the remainder as I had gone there to complete it !


What is your best advice to new runners?

Go slow and join support groups or clubs and take in all the advice you can . Running is a learning curve and you will find out for yourself in time the answers but initial pointers can only help. 


What is your best advice to advanced runners? 

Never forget why you started and why you love running . The minute it becomes a pressure or obsession is the time to take that step back . Rest should never be underrated not just for the body but also the mind, so you can process all you’ve accomplished.


What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started running?

That there are different style of trainers to suit each running style . It would have saved me some time out with injury for wearing the wrong shoe style .


What do you do outside of running to stay healthy or active?

Walking, spinning , strength training, healthy eating , mindfulness , meditation


What goal(s) are you working toward in the coming year?

None for 2022 except to stay active and eat healthy . If I exercise 4-5times a week I am happy . I have had goals all my life and so this year (after a tough 2021) I am taking the pressure off.