What’s your running “story”?

I first started running when I was alot younger and it was to try and impress a girl as her dad used to run the London Marathon every year, the demand for places was not that high in the late 90s’ Anyway we signed up for a 10k local race not even having a clue how far 10k was and if me running around our block was enough training it turned it wasnt as the block I used to run around was 1 mile in total at a push…so my first 10k was a complete failure in my eyes as I walked some ran some threw up and repeated that cycle for 6 miles and as it turned she was not a runner either she got a DNF and had to be bought back to the start line by a milk float (that’s how old this story was).


My second race was a another 10k which myself and a mate decided to enter to get fit, no training we were young and on the night before the race it snowed bad so we both thought it would be called off so we went to the pub had a skin full and a visit to the curry house and thought we’d show willing by at least turning up and looking like we were ready, turned out the snow was melting and the place where we running had a light dusting so we had to run it….longest 10k in the world belly flopping from side to side, repeating of beer, cigarettes and curry every step. Not good.


So roll on quite a few years and I go for a routine health check at work and the doctor says “oh you have an irregular heart beat” that panicked me into doing something so In my infinite wisdom I decided to put more strain on the heart by running as “I used to when I was younger” and I convinced myself I used to enjoy it.. I could not run half a mile without my calf cramping or stitch but I perceived and by the time I got to see my actual doctor I was told there was nothing wrong with your heart and used lost weight and to keep up the good work. So I have…


How has running changed your life? How have you grown? 

I am fitter and have stamina, I’m happier and I am not a quitter, If there’s bling or a t-shirt at the end of a race I’m finishing no matter what.


What is/are your biggest running-related accomplishment(s)?

London Marathon with a busted calf as it cramped after 0.2 miles of the 26.2 miles but I carried on got round in 4hr 20 min. Wanted under 4 hrs but under the circumstances i was happy with it.


What is your best advice to new runners?

Go slow and Steady at first, The only person your in competition with is yourself, Do not overdress and hydrate and fuel properly but do not eat too much.


What is your best advice to advanced runners? 

Remember where you started, do not tut if someone you want to get past is in front of you.


What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started running?

That Garmin did watches and it’s ok to have a bad run it makes you really appreciate the good runs.


What do you do outside of running to stay healthy or active?

Mountain Biking, Paddleboarding and the occasional skateboarding but on a longboard now as it hurts when you slam


What goal(s) are you working toward in the coming year?

I have gone in the ballot for the London Marathon, Great North Run and my first Ultra 30 miler in May.